Can I customize the Profile Categories to better reflect our church needs?

Last updated by Ryan Dawson on June 01, 2016 23:37

Yes, you can fully customize the Profile Categories by editing or creating new ones specific to your church needs. Any categories chosen while creating personal profiles will be displayed in the top section of each profile. Profile Categories are located under “Settings” at the “Profile Settings” tab, or click the “Change Settings” button at the Dashboard.

- To create a new category, type the name in the “New Profile Category” field, click “Add Category”, then “Save”. You may add as many categories as you need.

- To edit an existing category, simply click the category to highlight it and make any changes. Click “Update Category”, then “Save”.

- To delete a category, click the category to highlight it, click “Delete Category”, then “Save”.

- To change priority of the categories in the list, use the up and down arrow buttons, then click “Save”.