How can I create new Custom Profile Fields for our church’s demographic data?

Last updated by Ryan Dawson on June 01, 2016 23:37

Customizing the Profile Fields in Connect Manage gives you the power to unlock this software and make it work uniquely for your church. Custom Profile Fields can be found under “Settings” at the “Profile Settings” tab, or click the “Change Settings” button at the Dashboard. Here you may add as many profile fields as you need to best organize the information compiled into personal profiles for your congregation. Fields can be either in the form of text, such as Facebook, or date, such as Baptism Date.

- To create a new Custom Profile Field, type the field name in the “New Profile Field” box. Choose either Text or Date under “Field Type”.

- Under “Field Privacy”, you have the option to make any field either “Normal” (available to all Staff) or “Private” (Admins only). Only users with Admin status have access to this option. Specify the privacy level, click “Add Field”, then “Save”.

- To edit an existing field, click the field to highlight it, make any necessary changes in field name, type or privacy level, click “Update Field”, then “Save”.

- To delete a field, click the field to highlight it and click “Delete Field”.

- To change priority of the fields in the list, simply click the up and down arrow buttons, then click “Save”.