How can I make notes in Connect Manage to keep track of communications?

Last updated by Ryan Dawson on June 01, 2016 23:37

Notes in Connect Manage provide an excellent way to compile communications that you have with people in your congregation. There is no limit as to the number of notes you may add in a profile. This allows for a comprehensive view of the interactions your church has with each person.

Each personal profile has a Profile Notes section where you can add notes regarding conversations or meetings with that person in the provided field. At the dropdown menu, you can classify the note as either “Normal” (viewable by all Staff) or “Private” (viewable by Admins only).

Click “Add Note” and the new note will be listed in the profile by date and time, with the name of the Admin or Staff who entered the note included. If the note is private, it will be designated ‘Private” with a lock icon. Click the trashcan to the right of the note to delete it. Notes can only be deleted by the Admin or Staff who created them.

Any Connection Step Notes are made at the Connections Steps pages. Yet these notes will be viewable in the Notes section of the personal profiles as well. Please see our related Help articles on Connection Steps.