How do I add my contacts to a bulk email software system?

Last updated by Ryan Dawson on June 01, 2016 23:37

Please view "How do I use Advanced Search to search, sort, and export?" first to learn how to search and export contacts to a CSV file.

Once you have exported into a CSV file, you will need to format your list properly to work with a bulk email software system. CSV files can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Google Documents, or any free office software like Libre Office or Open Office.

Inside email systems, you can download an example CSV template formatted with columns like "First Name", "Last Name", and "Email Address". Copy the columns from your CSV file to the example template, and then upload the file to your email system. If there is no template CSV file, you can just create your own columns with first name, last name, and email address. Once you have uploaded the file, you should be able to match each column up with the proper field in your email software system.

The nice thing about most email software systems is that you can upload a similar CSV file as often as you like and the system will only add the new emails to your list. It will ignore the duplicates so you don't have to double check your entire mailing list every time you want to add someone. You can also add people one-by-one in most email systems if you do not have a large group of people to import.

We use MailChimp for Easy Church Tools and recommend it for our churches. It is easy to use, affordable, and has a great set of features.