How do I create new people profiles?

Last updated by Ryan Dawson on February 15, 2015 22:55

To create a new profile, either click “Add New Person” at the Connect Manage Dashboard or click “People”, then “New Profile”. Enter all Profile Information in the fields provided. There is the option of entering either the person’s exact birthdate or their approximate age in years. Add their Join Date, if known.

If the person is a Child or Student, check the corresponding box. There is the option with Students to enter their School Name and Graduation Date in the appropriate fields.

Check any applicable “Profile Categories” or “Connection Steps” boxes. Profile Categories, Connection Steps, and Custom Profile Fields can all be customized to meet the specific needs of your church at the “Settings” page and the “Profile Settings” tab. Please see the related Help articles for detailed instructions.

Under “Contact Information”, you may enter any number of email addresses or phone numbers, specifying their location from the dropdown menus. Click the trashcan to the right of the dropdowns to delete. Addresses will include a Google Map link on the completed profile. Be sure to click “Save” after entering new information.

The new “Custom Fields” section allows you to customize Connect Manage to meet the unique needs of your church. Any number of custom fields can be created at the “Settings” page under the “Profile Settings” tab. Fields can be in the form of text or date and can be designated as Normal (available to all Staff) or Private (Admins only). Custom Fields such as Facebook and Twitter are available by default and can be edited or deleted at the “Settings” page. Please see the related Help articles for instructions on creating Custom Fields.

Under “Relationships”, enter the new person’s marital status. Both the “Engaged” and “Married” options allow you to link profiles of multiple family members together. When either “Engaged” or “Married” options are chosen from the dropdown, enter the name of the fiancé or spouse. The intuitive box will give options available in the database as you type. Click the matching name to create a link.

Enter either the wedding or anniversary date. Anniversary dates can be entered as exact dates or approximate years of marriage. Click “Save” to see the couples linked under the “Family” section of both profiles with their wedding or anniversary dates included. Clicking on a spouse/fiancé name within the profile will immediately link you to that profile.

All children with their own Child profiles can be linked to parents in the database. Enter the names of parents in the Parent 1 and 2 fields. Boxes are intuitive and will give options available in the database as you type. Click the matching names, then “Save”. Parents and children will now be linked. The “Family” section of each profile will display both parents and all children. Clicking on a parent or child name within each profile will immediately link you to that profile.

All notes added regarding a person will be displayed in their profile, whether Profile Notes or Connection Step Notes, Normal or Private. Private notes are only able to be viewed by those with Admin status. Please see the related Help articles for instructions regarding Notes.

Profiles will display a person’s current status in the Connection Step process, plus any ministries or small groups in which they are participating. Changes or edits can be made by going to “Connection Steps, “Ministries”, or “Small Groups” at the Dashboard. All changes made at these pages will be reflected in the individual personal profiles. Please see the related Help articles for instructions on Connection Steps, Ministries, and Small Groups. .

Profiles may be edited at any time once created. To edit a profile, simply click “Edit Profile” and make any necessary changes, additions, or deletions. Click “Save” after editing the profile to ensure that all new info is saved. Click “View Profile” to see the completed profile. Profiles can also be viewed, edited, or deleted from the “People” page by clicking the corresponding buttons next to each person’s name in the database list.