How do I edit the Connect Manage settings when we log in?

Last updated by Ryan Dawson on February 15, 2015 22:51

At the Connect Manage dashboard, click “Settings” and the tab labeled “Your Settings”. Here you will have the opportunity to verify and make any changes to the account name, email address, and current password. At this tab, you can also set both your local timezone and software theme color preference.

If this is your first time logging in, use the temporary password assigned to you at signup. You can change your password at any time from this location. Simply enter the new password twice for verification, then click “Save”. Be sure to choose a password that is secure since it will control all access to Connect Manage, Connect Giving, and the billing system.

The “Church Settings” tab is where you can edit your church name visible at the top left corner of each page in both Connect Manage and Connect Giving. At this tab, you can also customize parameters for your church’s stats displayed on the dashboard . Choose to include children in ministry and small group statistics. Opt to have married couples without children in the database to be counted as families.

Phone number formatting can be chosen here before importing CSV profiles into your database. At this tab, you also have the opportunity to include any Small Groups/Bible Study Program at your church. Simply check the “Enable Module” box and enter the specific name of your program in the field provided. This name will be displayed in the Connect Manage taskbar on each page.

Be sure to click the “Save” button after making any changes.

The “Profile Settings” tab is where you can customize the software to meet the unique needs of your church. Here you can edit or create any number of new Profile Categories, Profile Fields, and Connection Steps. For specific instructions, please see our related help articles on these subjects.