How do I track newcomers through the Connection Step process?

Last updated by Ryan Dawson on June 01, 2016 23:37

Our customizable Connection Steps in Connect Manage help facilitate the process of welcoming newcomers and connecting them into your church and ministries. Open the “Connection Steps” page from the taskbar on any page. Here you can view all the steps currently being used by your church in the welcoming process. Please see our related Helpdesk articles to customize your Connection Steps.

1. Step 1 is highlighted at the “Connection Steps” page, with a description of exactly what the step entails under “Step Description”. There will be a list of all newcomers progressing through this step under “In-Process” and those having completed this step under “Recently Completed”.

2. Click on the desired Connection Step and select the specific newcomer you are tracking from the list under the “In Process” heading. Click “Profile” to link directly to their personal profile. Each profile has a “Connection Steps” heading where progress through the steps with dates completed can be easily viewed.

3. Click “Details” to see any notes compiled, with date, time, and author, regarding the newcomer’s Connection Step journey. Click “Add Step Note” to enter any notes as to their progress in the provided field, then click “Add Note”. Notes made here can also be viewed in their personal profile under “Connection Step Notes”.

4. Once this Connection Step has been completed for the newcomer, click “Mark Completed”. The “Move to Another Step” window opens where you have the option to either progress them to the next step or to multiple steps in the series. Click “Save” and the newcomer will now be in the “Recently Completed” list for this Connection Step and “In-Process” list for the chosen step(s).