How do I use Advanced Search to search, sort, and export?

Last updated by Ryan Dawson on February 10, 2015 14:10

The Advanced Search feature is a very robust search engine that allows you to track down anything in the software. Click the “Advanced Search” button at the Dashboard or click “Search” on the taskbar to open the “Search” page. Here you will see many options available to use in your search. These options include keyword, name, age range, church join date, marital status, profile types, profile categories, ministries and small groups.

Advanced Search can also help you filter by particular demographics to create targeted lists from your database. Enter any key information, check or uncheck any related boxes, click “Search”, and the results will be displayed. Leave all the boxes checked unless you want to omit people in these categories. Click “Show Ministries and Small Groups” to further narrow your search to include people participating in ministries and small groups in your church.

Once your list has been generated, click “Export Search Results” to export the list to a CSV file to download, view, and create printable lists. CSV files can be opened in Microsoft Excel, Google Documents, or any free office software like Libre Office or Open Office. You can use these CSV files to import your contacts into a bulk email software system like Mail Chimp. In addition, you can export your search results to a Mail Merge document to print mailing labels for church communications.