Audio Podcasting Specifications

Last updated by Ryan Dawson on February 10, 2015 14:22

MP3 files have two variables that determine the quality level. Kbps and kHz both impact file size. Our recommended file size is 80 Kbps and 22 kHz. Also, be careful of the "Variable Bitrate" or VBR setting. This is only used for certain types of music and is not compatible with web based players such as our Sermon Player. Please select the "Constant Bitrate" setting or CBR. These settings are in the audio editing software or MP3 player on your computer.

The above settings produce a 2 minute to 1 MB ratio approximately. This means if it is a 40 minute sermon it will be approximately a 20 MB file. This is the recommended format due to the sound quality and file size. The audio is still high quality for spoken-word messages, and the file size is small enough for a user to download quickly on a high-speed connection.

If you would like to use a smaller file format, feel free to test different quality levels. Remember: the smaller the file, the quicker users can download it and the less bandwidth you will use!